The Guests

As I stated before these videos were shot between the dates of March 2015 and October 2016 and people were in a conversation regarding what they had done up to the time of the recording. For some of the guests things have changed since that time. People running for elective office have either been successful or not. People have either finished writing a book or are on to a different one. Plans made for changes that were in the worls then may or may not have come to fruition etc. This site and the guests therein are an archive for a moment in time, a reflection, in a way, of a period of their lives and their thinking.

I have tried to give a guidance, through the Legend classifications under the guest links, as to what they were doing then, to the subject matter that gives reason to why they were invited to be guests. Like most human beings they are not composed of just one thing; politicians can be keen gardeners, poets can be ecological activists, heads of county departments can also be keen and accomplished chefs and so on. 

In their conversations we hoped to be able to reveal a layer or two that may not be gleaned through their public persona. Presumed character traits are sometimes dispelled and dour public visages, impressions, are sometimes whittled away. It was our hope, and I think, due to the talents of Daedalus Howell, Nick Sholley and Evan Johnson, that we found those layers. Maybe we’re wrong. I don’t think we are but that’s for you to decide.

With rare exceptions, all the guests lived/live and work in the North Bay of San Francisco and mainly in Sonoma County. As did the creators of this programme: Myself, Daedalus Howell, Juan De La O, Bill Dunphy and Evan Johnson. 

An honesty note: Not everything is perfect technically. At the beginning we were finding our way and sometimes screwed up visually and in audio quality. I think we got better as we went along but perhaps we just got nearly good. 

We would like to do more 707s. Times change, events occur that change society and the area and people leave and people come. Society is a moveable feast and the entrees and side dishes are the people. If you think the show was worthwhile and would be interested in making more happen then please call 707-273.6062

I hope you find enjoyment in these conversations and know that we did. Cheers!

John Moran