Scott Murray Part 1

scott MURRAY Part 1


NOTES: For Scott’s details on Part 2 please use these notes and Update.


Scott Murray is the sort of bloke you feel proud to know and honored to have as a friend. As a jock on KVRE, the original non playlist station, to becoming the first Station Manager of KRCB Public Radio (with Tim Tattan and Robin Pressman,) to Empire College to become a Public Defence lawyer, to fighting for rights at Los Gallicos Youth Detention Center, to considering running for DA for the county but then deciding there possibly could be mental and moral conflict, and finally…..That’s enough for anyone. A man of morals and what is right and moral.A stalwart protagonist for the rights of citizens of all ages, class, color and creed. A true gentleman. Now that Hunter Pence is with the Texas Rangers he has to change his affiliation from the Giants. Wave the green and gold of the Athletics pal!