Michael Mingoia

michael MINGOIA



Michael is a friend and his wife Diane Bailey is a respected actor and director of many stage productions. Michael’s work with the Sonoma County Repertory Theatre was incredible and vital for the success of the productions.

UPDATED BIO: From LinkedIn

I’ve worked in just about every design discipline in the applied arts running the gamut from Set Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Photography, Exhibition Design, Furniture and Lighting Design, Production Design for film……I find that universal design and aesthetic principles apply across all disciplines. “I make stuff.” whatever that may be. For several years I owned and operated a design and manufacturing company specializing in lighting and other home accessories sold in over 200 retail outlets nationwide….you can see my lamps on the set of “Friends” (hourly, over and over again on TBS!). Sitting in front of a computer typing doesn’t do it for me. Although I aspire to refine and expand my skills in that arena, I need to see real world, physical manifestations of my efforts. The “virtual” world is only important to me as it relates to the reality of our senses and the impact it has on our lives.

I truly believe that after we came down from the trees and huddled together in caves, the very next thing we did was to draw and paint, to sing and dance. These are the things we’re best at.

Specialties: Exhibition Design and Design Planning, Graphic Design, Scenic Design, sketching and presenting ideas, painting and sculpting in a range of materials (and I DO mean a range of materials from foam and fiberglass to window screen and glitter!), managing work crews. Experienced in the handling and installation of fine art. Additionally, guest artist and teacher in the visual arts from k-12, as well as some college teaching experience.