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Julie started her high school’s first ecology Club in 1971 and partnered with city leaders on community- wide recycling.

Julie’s commitment to community service started at an early age in North Carolina when she formed her high school’s first ecology club and started recycling newspapers. Graduating High School at 16, Julie’s father’s sudden death left her, at 17, to work her own way through college. Her degree in Psychology led to her working with autistic adolescents and on the locked ward of a state mental hospital.


Married, and with a new baby, Julie continued her education in mechanical engineering As a young mother, Julie received her BS degree in mechanical engineering from Syracuse University and received her BA in psychology degree from UNC – Greensborough.

Julie worked as an American’s with Disabilities Act Coordinator and a Rehabilitation Engineer. She also served as a Senior Plans Reviewer for the city of Asheville, North Carolina working to save historic buildings without compromising public safety. Julie moved to Ohio where she took on the job as the first Executive Director of the Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission. 

Julie moved with her family to Santa Rosa in 2007, where she immediately started her community involvement with the founding of the Neighborhood Association for Bennett Valley (95405.org). She was also instrumental in the establishment of the Southeast Greenway Campaign and a leader of a community-wide visioning process for the future use of the 50 acre, two mile long stretch of undeveloped property in Bennett Valley.


.Julie ran and won for Santa Rosa City Council in 2012.  Now, Julie is sharing her vision of Santa Rosa. She envisions a city with beautiful tree-lined streets and preserved historic buildings full of innovative businesses, and rich open spaces that link our rural heritage, and our strong neighborhoods to a dynamic downtown. She envisions a thriving region that leads to job creation, that will nurture families and maintain the quality of life all deserve in Santa Rosa.



Julie is an agent provocateur and fervid standard bearer for affordable housing and care for the homeless.