Jim DePriest





Shortly after this episode my friend, and in many ways, mentor died. He had been ailing for some time but never admitted he was as seriously ill as he obviously was. He was totally devoted to theatre and in the short time that it was my privilege to know him, some 22 years, he became both a friend, a partner of the stage, a witty diminisher of egos, a brave fighter against adversity and someone who bore the slings and arrows of adversity with silence and pragmatism though you knew that the ills done to him hurt.

He was the grandad of Sonoma County Theatre and he influenced many lives. Theatre isn’t the same without him and I shall miss him long. I wrote the role of Lord Burleigh in in my play “Repertory!” for him and took pleasure in the way he became the character, which was him, and the way he, perhaps purposely, screwed up the lines I wrote for him in every performance of the play. Which of course made them funnier. Love ya old timer.

I am grateful we managed to get this chat with him in time.