Food For Thought

the COUNCIL @ Food for Thought, Sebastopol,CA Sholley and Maria Halyna Lewytzkyj take a trip to the Antique store in Sebastopol dedicated to the mandate of Food For Thought. We dedicate this little tour to the memory of Allen Chivens and the work of all involved with Food For Thought. Please visit the store. For more info click your heels

UPDATE: CHIVENS, Allen E. 68, passed away after walking his new dog, Jessie, at Dillon Beach on June 16th, 2017.

Allen has lived in Western Sonoma County since 2004. He moved here from West Hollywood after making a deliberate decision to live a simpler life. Allen grew up in Pasadena. After graduating from UCLA and a stint living in Venice Beach in the early 1970s, he obtained a teaching credential and was head teacher for the Blind Children’s Center, in Hollywood.

In 1982, with a love and encyclopedic knowledge of plants, he used his artistic talents to become sole proprietor of Simply Green Interior Plant Specialists and, in 1990, of Il Palazzo City Gardens. Based in the Los Angeles area, he specialized in display work for interior design showrooms in addition to other plant installation, landscape, and estate management projects.

In 2004, Allen decided to move on from this work, and that winter started as a garden volunteer at Food For Thought, the Sonoma County AIDS food bank. He took on the role of volunteer coordinator when needed, and was later employed to manage Food For Thought Antiques. There, he was instrumental in transforming a simple collectibles store into a work of art and a successful business.

Allen was a beloved volunteer, employee, and advocate. For years, his dog, Jacaranda, who passed away a year and a half ago, greeted customers at the store with diligence, decorum, and a stunning pearl necklace. Allen was predeceased by his beloved partner, the distinguished psychologist Dr. Alan Malyon, in 1988.

In addition to many dear friends, Allen is survived by one of his two older brothers, David and sister-in-law, Lee, his sister-in-law, Martha, and his adoring nieces and nephews, for whom he was a source of joy and support; Glenn, Julie, Dan, Thom, Kathryn, and their families.

Allen led an exemplary life, filled with kindness, artistic creativity, intelligence, culinary joy, humor, and playful exploration; he is deeply missed by all who knew him. Family and friends request donations be made to Food For Thought or Compassion Without Borders.


Published Online in the Press Democrat from July 1 to July 5, 2017