Doug Jayne

doug JAYNE



30 years ago when I arrived in the country and county and started work as a bartender in the legendary Old Vic Pub on 4th street, Doug and Hoyt, his business partner, ran The Last Record Store two doors down from the pub, with John Sawyer and his brother running Sawyer’s News in between. Doug, Dean Wilson and Scott Worsham had a band called The Stupid White People and would occasionally play in the pub, at the front end by the windows. Long story short, those days are over, but when they existed the Vic and Stupid Whites were a partnership and stoked the Vic’s legendary status. There’s an embarrassing story about Doug bringing in an empty beer glassn with a “bud” at the bottom of it while I was tending bar and numerous other tales from then but Doug has been my friend since then. He is a generous, talented, knowledgeable man and it has been my privilege to call him a friend. But I think that can be said about him from everyone who knows him. He has one fault. He is a Giants fan and I’m an As fan. Still no-one is perfect. By the way Daedalus knows nothing about sport as you will hear towards the end of the show.